Big Brother Canada April 27, 2017

With 3 shows a week, 1 of them live, Big Brother Canada is what some might call “Fast Paced Environment”. My work combined creating motion graphics, visual effects and compositing work for seasons 4 & 5.

Almost Genius December 6, 2016

This comedy show was a post-production free for all: From compositing talent into potato-quality web videos, through designing fake show opens to burning down a school. Fun times!“

Snapshots (CBC) October 25, 2016

Snapshots is a new kid challenge show, focusing on photography. Kids get various challenges, and race for the best picture. I created graphics and memes as well as parts of the show packaging. The funnest part for me was appearing on the super hero episode as a vfx superhero, mentoring the players on getting the best pictures for fixing in post. Produced by Forté Entertainment, Toronto | Airs on CBC

The Beaverton October 25, 2016

Designing show opens and virtual sets, twisting pixels, creating dozens of news graphic weekly, while having a laugh. With 2 shows every week in front of a live studio audience this is fun challenge – creatively and technically. The Beaverton is produced by Pier 21 and airs on Comedy.  

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